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Luxury Cruice dating

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Looking for a Girlfriend or a travel companion to share the joys of life with

On-board at Seabourn luxury Cruise Line you’ll find gourmet dining experiences that rival the finest restaurants anywhere.

Whether its French fries, caviar or foie gras, every dish receives expert attention from highly skilled and imaginative chefs. The finest ingredients are selected with care, perfectly prepared and served with pride.- - I love it! Luxury Cruice dating

but I am now single and looking for a Girlfriend or a travel companion to share the joys of life with, - are you that travel companion? - It does not necessarily include sex, but just one to share travel experiences or the rest of life with.

Seabourn luxury Cruise

Luxury Cruice dating

Look at the picture above, breakfast served at the Veranda café, My wife and I have sailed with the Seabourn luxury Cruise Line lots of times, it had become a whole lifestyle for us. Now I am alone but have many many years left in life and I now need a sweet travel companion to share travel experiences with.

Create user profile here » on if you match with the travel buddy I'm looking for, I'll send a bouquet of red roses in your mailbox, and invite you on a cruise - See Seabourn luxury Cruise and Watch this video and find out where we're going next time? - I'm looking forward to our next cruise.

It's luxury and you could attend

Luxury Cruice dating

I myself have traveled a lot, so I know there are many others who are in the same boat. - You are maybe one of them, so find me here on - -

I have no sex fantasies, but focus on the duality and someone to share the joy of experiences with.

Luxury Cruice dating

- And of course and not least a sweet woman who wants to share a Bottle of Champagne with me.

I look forward to taking you under my arm and accompanying you aboard yet another luxury cruise in the Caribbean or tell me where you want to go.